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Villages # 16 and #17 Liulangzhuang and Tangjialing

May 22, 2018

Villages #16 and #17 are Liulangzhuang and Tangjialing. These villages received attention from the media as places where recent college graduates in search of tech jobs (the “ant tribe”) came to rent rooms, because of their proximity to Beijing’s silicon valley Zhongguancun. Instead of being part of the story of migrant workers coming to the capital to perform unskilled labor, these two villages were instead part of analysis about the ever-rising housing market in Beijing, and what the future looked like for the brightest of China’s youth as they entered the job market. Nevertheless, when these villages were demolished, it was the original residents, the peasants, who had the most to lose.

Liulangzhuang 六郎庄村

Haidian district, Wanliu area 海淀区万柳地区



I previously covered Liulangzhuang in a series of posts September–December 2013.

Tangjialing 唐家岭村

Haidian district,Xibeiwang town 海淀区西北旺镇



photo (waiting for the bus in the morning):


I previously covered Tangjialing in a series of posts in March and April 2013.

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