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Xinguanren project 5.”Inside Tickets”

May 7, 2012

Buying a railway “inside ticket” –take care not to fall into a trap

Sichuan News Net 2011-01-21

A Mrs Xu of Sunqing district believed she was buying an “inside ticket” and was almost tricked. She confessed her lingering fears to this reporter, that because she had been gullible and had tried to buy an “inside ticket” on the web, she had been close to being deceived.

Every year Mrs Xu returns home to her native Nanchang for the spring festival. “My job keeps me busy, and I do not have a lot of time to go out and line up for tickets.” But she is used to shopping for things on the net. On the 18th she was browsing and she suddenly saw on the Nanchang page a notice stating that a certain person would act as an agent and buy an “inside ticket.”  Not only was there a guarantee that there was no need to line up, but for a service charge of 50 yuan she would be able to get the railway ticket she wanted.

Overjoyed she called the telephone number given in the posting. The other party stated that he was a staff member inside the station, and had a priority status to buy tickets for personal use to certain localities. He informed Mrs Xu that the money to buy the ticket had to be deducted from his own savings passbook. After that, within just one hour he could have for her a ticket to Nanchang on 1-25. Mrs Xu’s suspicions were aroused. She insisted that it should be a transaction in which she would pay cash and he would hand over the ticket. “I was afraid that after paying I would end up with no ticket. But the person responded easily that it was no problem, I could come to the station and pick up the ticket right away. This made me less worried.” She hurried to the station and called again. The other person told her what sort of clothes he was wearing, and she soon found the 30 year old man of that description in the ticket lobby.

“By the rules, we are not allowed to use our priority status to sell tickets to other people, and if they find out I will be fired. You go and wait over there near the ticket window, and I will go get your ticket. When the time comes, you can say I am your relative.” Then, this man said to her with an air of mystery, “In the station there are security cameras everywhere. In order for us not to be caught, you should have a friend transfer the money to me.” After saying this he gave her a bank account number to transfer the money to, and urged her to phone her friend.

These actions did not incite her to be wary. She got in touch with her friend and went to the place in the station he indicated and waited. Ten minutes went by, and the man did not reappear. As she waited, her friend called her. The friend said the man had just called, saying he was standing right beside Mrs Xu at the station, and that the friend should immediately deposit the money in the man’s bank account.

“Fortunately my friend was cautious and called me before depositing the money, otherwise I would have lost 100 yuan without getting anything for it.” When we called the man’s phone again, we were unable to connect.” When Mrs Xu went home she looked at the same web page, but the posting had disappeared.

reporter: Chen Wen

konjaku: another article —

Mistakenly believing scalpers had “inside tickets,” a certain business is cheated out of 2910 yuan


Mistakenly believing scalpers had “inside tickets,” last Thursday, the employees of a certain factory in the Baiyun district of Guangzhou were cheated out of 2910 yuan when they tried to buy train tickets.

The employees wished for this newspaper to report their example, to warn others that these scalpers are still very active on the net,/ When buying tickets, one should under no circumstances believe that some in the station has inside tickets.

A customer of the factory first found the scalpers on the net. “They say they are employees who sell tickets in the main hall in the station.” Because this customer was somewhere else at the time, he asked employees of the factory to go to the station and make the deal for him.

The employee who went to the station. Xiao Wang, said, their customer needed two tickets. Some workers in the factory said, “find us some inside tickets too,” requesting an additional eight tickets. This made 10 tickets needed altogether — for Sanmenxia in Hubei, Zhengzhou and Luoyang in Henan, with “service charges” a total of 2910 yuan.

On Thursday afternoon at 4, Xiao Wang went to the Guangzhou station carrying the identity cards of said employees. After entering the station, he called the scalper, and both parties agreed on what to do: Xiao Wang would stand in line at the number 30 ticket window. When his turn came, the scalper would come forward and give him the tickets, receiving Xiao Wang’s cell phone from him as security. After Xiao Wang examined the tickets, the scalper would use the cell phone to call the financial clerk Miss Guo at the company, who would then transfer the requested amount to the scalper’s bank account. Once the money was remitted, the scalper would return Xiao Wang’s cell phone.

Both Xiao Wang and Miss Guo had no suspicions. Then the scalper called again, “He said the situation had changed. I was to go to window 24 instead, and keep the phone line open to await further instructions.”

Five minutes later, the scalper abruptly severed the phone connection. Immediately, Xiao Wang received a call from Miss Guo. He was astonished to learn that while his phone line had been busy, the scalper had called Miss Guo, saying he was calling from Xiao Wang’s phone.Indeed, the number which appeared on Miss Guo’s  phone display screen was that of Xiao Wang, As they had arranged, Miss Guo then remitted the money to the bank account.

“Since my phone never left my hand, somehow the scalper had the technology to make my phone number appear as the one that was calling. He stole my phone number, and tricked Miss Guo.”

Xiao Wang was very upset that the ticket fund for his fellow workers to return home was lost. He earnestly hopes this newspaper  article will be a warning, that others will not follow in his footsteps. “If you hear someone say they have ‘inside tickets,’ it is very likely a trick.”

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