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Shoubaozhuang village incident 2012-06-01

June 3, 2012

Beijing peasants and laborers kneel down before Secretary-General Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in a cry for help!


2012-04-04 reporter Wei Min

Yesterday, in Beijing Daxing district Xihongmen town at the Shoubaozhuang village industrial park, more than 10,000 laborers, because the factories they worked in will be demolished by the Shoubaozhuang Village Committee, all lost their jobs. The lawfully operating businesses inside the industrial park met many times with the lessee Nan Yuhua, but were threatened by gangs of unidentified men. The police were no use! No help from anywhere! Their lives and property were under no protection. They are forced to kneel down before Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, asking for their attention. Give them a way to make a living!

It is reported that Nan Yuhua is a representative for the Beijing Xingdashun Waste Recovery Company, which is the landlord for all the 10,000 tenants of  the Shoubaozhuang village industrial park.  His son Nan Chao, raised the gang, his son in law is the leader of the more than 100 members concealing their identity, and Nan Yuhua himself crazily said, “I’ll have you die by 6 o’clock. You won’t be alive past 6:10!

We ask people from all parts of society, whoever you are, and friends in the media, to give support to and save these laborers.


Beijing Daxing: their businesses to be demolished by force, the tenants purchase several hundred containers of gasoline to all go up in flames together



Reporter Wei Min.

Yesterday, this reporter learned that all the businesses in Beijing Daxing district Xihongmen town Shoubaozhuang village industrial park,  to protect their lawful rights and interests, have prepared more than a hundred containers of gasoline, and are ready to incinerate themselves, die, and by their deaths to resist the demolishing of the industrial park.

In the  Shoubaozhuang village industrial park, there are approximately 400 legitimate businesses, with 30,000 peasants and laborers who have jobs there, every year paying to the local government several 10,000s yuan in taxes. Recently, without any reason, the  Shoubaozhuang village committee suddenly decided to tear down the industrial park.

On 2012 5-18, a notice, stated to be from the local government, was posted all over Shoubaozhuang village industrial park, saying that according to the stipulations of the national urban and rural plan, and the Beijing city urban and rural plan, that all the buildings in the industrial park would lawfully be torn down within three days.

According to the peasants, laborers and business proprietors of the industrial park, they had jointly made a lease agreement with the principal lessee Nan Yuhua, some for a period of 20 years, some for 30 years, and they had built the buildings on the land in conformity with the rental agreement as an investment. To date nine years have passed, and they have operated businesses with lawful business licenses, they have no idea why it is suddenly claimed their buildings are non-conforming?

To get a business license one must show proof of property rights, so how can the buildings in the  700 hectare industrial park be illegal if they have legitimate business permits? For over nine years the peasants, laborers and proprietors have supported each other. Now, in despair, they have bought several hundred containers of gasoline, and as their last act of solidarity, they will die together to resist the power of the state!

konjaku: After posting about Shoubaozhuang village community transformation management in 2010, I searched for more recent news about the village. Was Shoubaozhuang village going to be allowed to continue to exist as it was, or would the end result of becoming a “sealed village” be its demolishment and replacement as something else? There are predictions it will be demolished, as there are of many similar villages in Daxing and other areas on the periphery of Beijing city. In the meantime, I came across this incident, still unfolding.

This “industrial park” seems to be made up of small factories without much capital. In 2009, a garment factory fell behind on its rent, and the industrial park  tenant organization in the night piled a mound of bricks in front of its entrance, blocking vehicles from getting near it, to “encourage” the owner to pay back rent. One can imagine a number of reasons why the Shoubaozhuang village committee decided this industrial park was an obstacle to cleaning up the village, but abruptly declaring it would be demolished brought on the possibility of a violent confrontation with the authorities.

The ostensible justification is that the industrial park buildings violate the “Law of the PRC on Urban and Rural Planning” under which (Article 41) every new development must first be submitted and found to be in accord with the urban and rural plan, before receiving a license which would enable the developers to build. (

This law went into effect January 1 2008, sometime after the industrial park was first developed.

The corresponding Beijing City law, ( Article 23 begins, “All land for construction and construction projects shall conform to the urban and rural plans and be subject to the permit for planning.” This law went into effect May 2009.

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