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Villagers of four villages to be relocated together –Changping

June 23, 2012

konjaku: in 2011-07-21, as the previous post (Children of the floating population) indicates, Lu village in Changping district Dongxiaokou town was about to be demolished. This post follows up on Lu village a year later. It has apparently been demolished, and the village residents have moved elsewhere temporarily, waiting for their replacement housing to be built. It seems to have taken a year to start building –this may be due to the complications that might arise when grouping four villages together. It is significant that the villagers will gain the rights of urban residents. As for how, in this case,  “the villagers’ profits [will be] enjoyed by the villagers,” this probably deserves further scrutiny.

Changping district Dongxiaokou town, villagers of four villages will all be relocated to upgraded residences

Xinhuanet Beijing 2012-06- 07

This year four villages in Changping district Dongxiaokou town underwent urban renovation. Yesterday, (2012-06-06), the laying of the foundation ceremony was held to commence work on the replacement housing for the villagers of four villages.

The village environment was dirty and disorderly, the facilities were outmoded and obsolete, the inverted population phenomenon was severe, there were many lurking dangers to public order…Squarely confronting the problem, the city government of  Dongxiaokou town entered Zhongtan village, He village, and Maliandian village into the 50 listed up villages that were focal points for renovation. Using the model “take three and add three” they added Lu village, Dan village, and Dongxiaokou village to be rebuilt, as part of a group demolition and renewal.

The village committee and the town government exercised proper leadership,  and in conformity with the guidelines to give the villagers a principal role, “villagers affairs are run by the villagers, managed by the villagers, the villagers’ profits are enjoyed by the villagers.” Also, “in accordance with the town plan as a whole, the villagers will move to new residences in groups, the village will become a green zone, the land put aside for later use.”

The project of compensating villagers with replacement housing for four villages — Zhongtan village, He village, Lu village, and Dongxiaokou village– involved 1109 separately owned plots of land. The plan is that villagers of  He village, Lu village, and Dongxiaokou village will move to a combined parcel of land “A,” while Zhongtan villagers will move to parcel “B.” Up to now,  of those with household compounds or non-residential properties in the four villages, 1065 have signed contracts agreeing to demolition and removal to new residences (or other compensation), comprising 95%. of the total.

On hearing that the foundation had been laid for the new residential project. Lu villager Cao Liqiang could not contain his elation. Since moving out of his old house, he passed by Lu village every morning on his way to work in the city, and each time he can not help stopping at the site of where he once lived, getting out of his car and looking around. “Before too long, we will be able to move back here, in spacious, bright, new houses!”

The new residences will be moderate high rises with elevators, with individual residence suites of  140 square meters, 120 square meters, 90 square meters, and 70 square meters. Built with them  will be a kindergarden, elementary and middle school, parking lots, stores, a cultural center, and other public service facilities. The villagers will change from rural to urban, and enjoy the same old age care and medical benefits as city and town residents. They need have no fear of future calamity.

Reporter Wei Yan’nuo

农转非 change from rural to urban

贺村 He village

芦村 Lu village

单村 Dan village

东小口村 Dongxiaokou village

马连店 Maliandan village

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