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Zhongtan village demolished 2

June 29, 2012

konjaku: from a blog

A few days ago I got a call from a friend who lives in Zhongtan village, saying her house was about to be demolished. She had signed the contract, and asked if I wanted to take a look and see if I could use any of her old furniture? When I went there, in passing I snapped these photos.

The exterior of the village had already been sealed off. On both sides of the road  these large posters are set up. A loudspeaker was blasting at extremely high volume without ceasing. I couldn’t tell what was being said, but the high decibel sound was very irritating.

Poster slogans

Left: Led on by the initiative of the masses

the work of remaking the old village

Middle: giving up small houses to wish for large houses

we support the building initiative

knowing that the overall goal

is to create beautiful homes and gardens

in front of the Village Committee headquarters

As long as you have signed a contract, the move to another residence is free of charge

A building already torn down. My friend’s building is much like this.

According to the method of determining compensation, in my friends residence there were four people, they can buy three apartment suites,  each 280 square meters of market priced housing, and still have 1,300,000 yuan left over, in cash.

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