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Beiwu follow-up 6: photos after demolition

July 16, 2012

konjaku:  some photographers came to Beiwu at New Years in 2010. Probably unaware of what had happened to Xi Xinzhu and his family in 2009-12, they were only pleased that the outlying buildings had been removed, allowing them to get unobstructed shots of the old opera house. In these pictures, the village structures are gone.  What remains are the two sites that were recognized as having historical value: the opera house and a temple compound, the Beiwu Jinshan temple.

Poster addressed to “those villagers who have not yet moved”

In the photo below, the empty land in the foreground is where village household compounds once stood. In the near distance what remains are the buildings comprising Jinshan temple on the left, and the opera house on the right. In the far distance is Yu Quan Hill and the Yu Feng Pagoda. On the other side of Yu Quan Hill is Kunming Lake and the Summer Palace.



the opera house

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