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Beiwu follow-up 10: Beiwu park

July 25, 2012

konjaku: Spring 2011: the former Beiwu village became Beiwu Park. The “urban village” has disappeared. On its site are evocations of the pre-industrial village, set within newly planted trees and decorative lights. The village of the past is reincarnated through its few historical buildings,and a symbolic rice field. “At the base of Yu Quan Hill was the rice field reserved for the imperial family. The sculpture in the field represents the plowing of the field for the Qing Emperors.” (Click on photos for original size).

entrance to the park

a stroll path

to memorialize Beiwu’s past as a rice-growing village, a rice field was planted where the village once stood. To the right is Jinshan Temple.

with this sculpture representing the picturesque past

the old opera house has been cleaned up. To give it a beautiful setting, a polished open space has been built in front of it. To the left is Jinshan Temple.

Jinshan temple, still being restored


Beiwu Jinshan temple, before restoration, below:

the same building after completion of the park:


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