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Dawangjing images

September 27, 2012

konjaku: The photo above is meant to represent Dawangjing in its former crowded, shabby state.

Dawangjing during the demolition process. These two photos above are by Fan Xiaoba 樊小八. (click on photos for original size)

Jingwang Jiayuan –the replacement housing for Dawangjing villagers (above).

Two renderings of the development which will be built on Dawangjing village land, described here:

Beijing Dawangjing will build a 260 meter tall landmark building


This reporter learned that the site of Dawangjing village, which formerly consisted of old and shabby low slung buildings and compounds,  will change into a financial, business, and research and development hub, called “Gateway to the Capital First Business District.” In the future, the Dawangjing business district will be linked to the Zhongguan Village National Independent Creative Development District, and the businesses that headquarter here will receive overlapping privileges and benefits from the nation, Beijing City, and Chaoyang district.

During the period of the 12th 5 year plan (2011-2015), a 97.47 hectare site will be used to build high end office buildings, public housing, and residences, set off by a 260 meter tall landmark building. The Dawangjing International Science and Technology Business Development Zone will be adjacent to the Zhongguan Village Electronic Science and Technology Park. The Airport Expressway is just to the East, and the Zone is 15 minutes from the airport. Therefore it is called the “Gateway to the Capital.”

At present one third of the Wangjing  population consists of long term foreign residents. 65% are persons of a high level of knowledge and recipients of high salaries. This new development zone will become the next Beijing CBD (Central Business District).

a rendering of the 260 meter tall building, to be finished in 2013

2012-05-28. Symposium announcing plans for the “Dawangjing International Technological and Business Innovation District.”


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