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Liulangzhuang: space needed for development

November 30, 2013

Urban village transformation –the removal and relocation of Liulangzhuang will be completed within this year


Lin Fusheng

Lin Fusheng


Yesterday the Haidian district Joint Congress ended. The Haidian District Head Lin Fusheng, the assistant head, and the district press spokesman Fu Shouqing met with this reporter for an interview.  Lin Fusheng said, priority will be on construction and development in the northern part of the district for the next five to ten years. This year, they will start demolishing and relocating seventeen villages, clearing out the space to build a high technology zone. The job to tear down and relocate Liulangzhuang and Zhongwu [village] will be completed.


In the northern “new district” 2,200,000 square meters of replacement housing will be built.


Jinghua reporter: Last year, the Haidian northern district development plan was promulgated. What is the significance of this plan to Haidian district in general?


Lin Fusheng: The plan calls for allotting 47,000,000 square meters to science and technology business development. The Haidian north district and Zhongguancun science district will mutually spur each other on to promote more research and development. However, it will be the north district that will see more construction of new properties.


Jinghua reporter: How will you solve the problem of the space needed for all that development?


Lin Fusheng: This year, Haidian district will begin to demolish and remove 17 villages to make space for high tech industrial parks. The villagers will be relocated to replacement housing in the nearby area. In advance, we will build 9 housing units, comprising 3,450,000 square meters of residential space, so we will supply adequate housing. In the second half of last year the first construction project already began, to provide 1,500,000 square meters. The plan is to build 2,200,000 square meters this year. In addition, the necessary infrastructure for daily life must be built: municipal government services and schools.


At present the city is vigorously trying to bring under control traffic congestion. In Haidian district there are many traffic “trouble spots,” how do you plan to deal with those?


Lin Fusheng: First, we must perfect the road distribution map. To break up the north-south bottleneck, we must make a great effort to route traffic into the new subway lines under contruction, the Shanhou line [est. 2015], the Xijia [Western Suburb line, est. 2014], and also the Xishan tunnel[est. 2020]. We must also speed up efforts to utilize the newly constructed southern section of Jushan Road, Youyiqu Road, and 14 other primary and secondary traffic thoroughfares. We must extend traffic circulatory systems to divert traffic from 58 congestion points in Zhongguancun, Shangdi, Qinghe, etc., and explore the possibility of building more sections of underground road passageways. Secondly, in west Zhongguancun we are launching an experiment to connect buildings with pedestrians overpasses, while car traffic and parking is routed underground.


Underground concourse in Zhongguancun (photo added by konjaku)

Underground concourse in Zhongguancun (photo added by konjaku)

Jinghua reporter: what steps are you taking to attract more people of high ability to Zhongguancun?


Lin Fusheng: For businesses and individuals of high ability, we have a system of providing rentals, building public [subsidized] housing which we offer for their use. To keep persons of talent in the area, we help their children get into schools of their choice, and provide help with medical and other issues.


Jinghua reporter: Where are these public housing units? Which people can apply?


Fu Shouqing: Haidian district will build batches of housing, 100,000 square meters of residential space, one at a time, in northerm Haidian. These will be open to young people who have a job and live in northern Haidian. This will guarantee that adequate housing is available for people of talent.


konjaku: For more details on such efforts, see


Jinghua reporter: Last year, Haidian issued the demand that, as part of urban village reform, Liulangzhung village would be transformed, at present what progress has been made?


Lin Fusheng: This year we will continue to push forward with the project to urbanize Liulangzhuang, Zongwu, and other “focal point” villages [villages listed up as having a high ratio of migrant tenants and over-utilized infrastructure], using a collective enterprise to demolish the villages, and relocate the villagers. According to the principle of “for every village the same policy” the plan as a whole will completely transform these villages as part of urban rural unification.


Jinghua reporter: This year Haidian has alloted 300 million yuan to improving the environment around Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) and the former Imperial palace and garden. In detail what does this consist of?


Fu Shouqing: We will demolish illegal buildings, keep any new non-conforming structures from being built, and so on, to create a beautiful environment surrounding former Imperial palace and garden.



林抚生 Lin Fusheng

人才公寓 subsidized housing for people of talent [with technical skills, etc]

六郎庄 Liulangzhung

中坞 Zhongwu

一村一策 “for every village the same policy”

城乡接合 urban rural unification

香山 Xiangshan

圆明园 Former imperial palace and garden

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