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Zhongguancun #3 Primary School and “School Zone Residences”

August 7, 2014

konjaku: in looking at the demolition of Liulangzhuang and the effect of that event on the surrounding area, a new topic appeared: the relation of priority elementary schools and residential complexes within the admissions zone of the priority school. The demolition of villages clears the way for the new, more affluent urban society, in which a major preoccupation is getting into the right elementary school. According to the rule, “every child does not have to take an entrance exam, and can attend a nearby school,” even elite priority schools must take children from the surrounding area, according to the zone drawn up by the Education Commission. As has been widely covered in the media, these so-called “school zone residences” are quite expensive compared to similar buildings not within the zone.

“All these residential complexes in Wanliu –Kangqiao Shuijun, Shuimo Fengjing, Fengshang Guoji, Bishui Yuntian, Wancheng Huafu– along with those still under construction, have a special characteristic: the residents can register in a Beijing priority school, the Zhongguancun Number 3 Elementary School. Prices for these school district residential buildings have reached the same level as in Hong Kong. They may go for 100,000 yuan per square meter.
Zhongguancun #3 Elementary School started building its new campus 2013-04, and it is scheduled to be completed next year. At the appointed time, the Number 3 elementary school and the Zhongguancun middle school will move to the new campus. And the C land parcel is just to the west of this new campus.”

Following up on that topic, here is the 2013 notice of admissions for Zhongguancun #3 Elementary School. This notice only covers the Wanliu area. The school zone also includes other parts of Zhongguancun, which are not included here. For Wanliu, instead of referring to streets, blocks, or numbered subdivisions, this notice simply lists nine large residential complexes as falling inside the school zone for compulsory admission.



School Admissions Notice

According to the regulations of the Haidian District Education Commission, to ensure the right of children who has reached the appropriate age to receive a public (compulsory) education, the 2013 registration for first graders to enter school is about to begin, the relevant details are as stated below:

Time: 06-16 (Sunday), 9:00-14:00
Wanliu campus of Zhongguancun #3 Elementary School

Area of compulsory education service:
Huixin Jiayuan 汇新家园
Xinjiyuan Jiayuan 新纪元家园
Fengshang Guoji Gongyu 锋尚国际公寓
Fengniao Shequ 蜂鸟社区
Kangqiao Shuijun 康桥水郡
Guangda Shuimo fengjing 光大水墨风景
Wancheng Huafu 万城华府
Yishuiyuan 怡水园
Bishui Yuntian (Xingbiao Jiayuan) 碧水云天(星标家园)

Registration procedure:
On the basis of the rule that every child does not have to take an entrance exam, and can go to a nearby school, the legal guardians of students who are 6 years old (born before 2007-08-31) and Haidian district registered permanent residents, shall appear at the aforementioned time and place, with the family household registry and a proof of residential address, to complete the registration.

Since on the day of registration it will be crowded, those who have questions about the process should call in advance to clarify matters.

On 07-05, the new student acceptance list will be released

In order to make it easier for household heads to register, and to reduce the waiting period, we ask that household heads please come according to the following schedule:

9-10 Bishui Yuntian
10-11 Kangqiao Shuijun, Huixin Jiayuan, Xinjiyuan Jiayuan
11-12 Yishuiyuan, Guangda Shuimo Fengjing, Fengshang Guoji Gongyu
1-2 Fengniao Shequ, Wancheng Huafu

Beijing City Haidian district Zhongguancun #3 Elementary School

konjaku: looking at each of these residential complexes in turn, the following information comes from real estate listings. All the residential units offered are previously owned. As the photos of interiors show, except for Wancheng Huafu, these are not luxury apartments, but because they are “school zone residences,” prices are quite high.

Huixin jiayuan 汇新家园
completed 2001, 700 units.
2014-03: 1 bedroom, 61.12 square meters 4400000 yuan, $713,505.

2014-07: advertised as “the lowest price in the Zhongguancun #3 School zone,” 2 bedroom, 106 square meters, 6700000 yuan, $1,086,470,

b_52b8e623dd586 medium_e5b0aa676d2ccb07ad78e47ace9cba1a medium_9a1ed74e6a91602b89986b1fd7ee3ae8

新纪元家园 Xinjiyuan jiayuan, completed 2002, 7 buildings, 555 units.
2014-04: 3 bedroom, 183.22 square meters,15800000 yuan, $2,563,260

419299573 600x600

锋尚国际公寓 Fengshang guoji gongyu,
built 2002, 688 units, 18 buildings.
2014-04: 3 bedroom, 10800000 yuan, $1,752,100

1195643295613 medium_bd21456b5e31cc0f430b69102f5ea466

konjaku: continued in next post

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