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Jin Mao Palace infrastructure and design

September 30, 2014

konjaku: the Wanjing Jin Mao Palace residential development in Chaoyang has been cited as a prominent example of “education real estate.” Buyers of Jin Mao Palace properties can send their children to the Beijing #2 Experimental Chaoyang Primary School campus, built by the developer to function under the regulations as a “neighborhood school.”

Here are some other aspects of Jin Mao Palace. Although most of what appears in this blog are translations, these results came about from googling “Jin Mao Palace” in English. Note that ecological design in the buildings is meant to counteract “dense smog conditions.”

Adhering to the high-end positioning, Franshion Properties aims to develop a highly comfortable and low-energy consumption technology residential project with “constant temperature, humidity and oxygen” – Jin Mao Palace Series residential projects. Jin Mao Palace Series technology residence is the signature of the high-end product line of Franshion Properties’ residential products. Adopting a capillary radiation terminal and 24-hour air circulation system, it provides a healthy and comfortable indoor environment with constant temperature, humidity and oxygen under dense smog conditions. Besides, it has a geothermal heat pump system in place to supply heat using the thermal energy from the ground during winter and to supply cooling using the chill from the ground during summer where the residual heat in the building is trapped on the ground. Accordingly, it can effectively utilise the geothermal energy from the upper layer in the soil to reduce the energy consumption of the residential building and increase the level of comfort.
In 2009, Franshion Properties’ first Jin Mao Palace Series technology residential product – Beijing Guangqu Jin Mao Palace commenced construction planning. The property units were successively delivered in 2012. Until 2013, it has been operating for more than one year. Given the long-term smog condition in Beijing, it provides a healthy living environment to the property owners. From 2012 to 2013, Franshion Properties completed the streamlining of the Jin Mao Palace Series residential product line, completed the formulation of guidelines for the technology residential development and widely applied such in Beijing Wangjing Jin Mao Palace Project, Suzhou Gusu Jin Mao Palace Project and Ningbo Nantang Jin Mao Palace Project.

Click to access Jin_Mao_Palace.pdf

“Jin Mao Palace”, a top-end residential project located in the central district of Beijing, has decided to use Geberit SFD system products. China real estate industry is coming closer with the advance European residential water drainage concept. And it is the current trend of the industry.
This 280’000m2 construction area project became very famous already since 2009, when the developer purchased the land in Guangqu road with an investment of 4.1 billion RMB (about 630 million CHF), thus recorded the highest land price in Beijing.
Geberit’s order finally includes 6’000 sets of Duofix UP182 and UP300, more than 10,000 meters DB20 pipes, and more than 30,000 meters HDPE pipes. According to the benefits brought to the residential building by high-technology of Geberit products, it is displayed and highlighted at the property selling outlet as one of the “leading technology applied in the project”. Now, a specific project team was built, including members of Application Engineers, Technical Advisors, and local sales staffs. They are already prepared to give professional support of Geberit.
For the first time in company history, BEKA supplies a single project with 6-digit square metres of capillary tube mats.
BEKA is producing more than 110,000m² capillary mats for the high-end housing project “Jin Mao Palace” in Beijing. With Jin Mao emerges a new housing area consisting of several residential towers und extensive parks – right in the Central Business District of Beijing. For the investors of these attractive apartments ecological and comfortable heating and cooling was very important. Energy savings of about 70%, low CO2 emission, less dust and noise – all these requirements can be best achieved with radiant heating and cooling ceilings and capillary tube mats.
Thanks to successful large projects like Parkview or the Olympic Village in Beijing, the BEKA capillary tube technology ‘Made in Germany’ has gained high prestige in China. Consequently, it is no wonder that also the investors of “Jin Mao Palace” trust in the quality of BEKA capillary tube mats.

Jin Mao Palace is a new luxurious housing area consisting of several residential towers and extensive parks, right in the Central Business District of Beijing.
This residential project fulfils all requirements discerning residents might have. Residences are lavishly designed and decorated considering aesthetical as well as practical and ecological demands. Occupants benefit from the best quality products only. The sanitary ware chosen from LAUFEN offers residents of Jin Mao Palace a luxurious, spa-like bathroom retreat, more commonly the preserve of a five-star hotel.
Spectacular views of the newly developed super modern high-rise buildings in the surroundings can be admired. The CBD is set to become one of the most important areas of finance, media and business in China.
Adding all this, no wonder the land price of the Jin Mao Palace has accrued the highest in the city. Construction and interior fitting for the last parts are still going on and supposed to be finished this year.

LAUFEN products

ILBAGNOALESSI One bathtubs; living city washbasins; LAUFEN pro washbasins;


World-renowned designers from France and Italy recently partnered with real estate companies in Asia to spruce up their latest residential projects.
Franshion Properties, property arm of Chinese state-owned conglomerate Sinochem Group, has joined forces with high-end clothes designer Elysée Yang to create customisable décor packages for its Guangqu Jin Mao Palace project located in Chaoyang District in Beijing, reported China Daily.
Chinese-born Yang’s tailor-made designs for the 34-unit apartment complex are a pioneering concept by the Hong Kong-based developer, which hopes to set a trend in China’s luxury residential segment. Under the partnership, tenants can choose from a range of interiors and decorations created by Yang to fit their homes.
The Paris-based designer this week presented four customisable designs for Jin Mao Palace, where units have an average price of CNY30 million (USD4.8 million).
The commercial sector of Jin Mao Palace, a project close to Beijing’s CBD area, is scheduled to put up 154 units for sale around the end of March at an average price of 49,800 yuan ($8,008) per square meters.
However, there are so many potential buyers that the registration for purchases was closed within one day.
“Even for those who have registered their names to buy the units, they have to draw lots to decide who can get the unit they want,” a manager at the sales department said.



model room

model room

Click to access nZBOAx-9yg-HjSaLrdq6JEl5lmHrPEJO8ny-HrZLYXAD0dz9lEiPUmk5Ilh3SiWnyi8UQG-u0.pdf

The 2009 injection of Jin Mao Group’s portfolio significantly enhanced Franshion’s recurring revenue base. The assets injected included six luxury five-star hotels and the Shanghai Jin Mao Tower, which is located in the heart of Lujiajui. Since then, Franshion has built out the Jin Mao brand to include eleven hotels and seven commercial properties.
While Franshion in recent years has shifted its focus to high-end residential development, its percentage of recurring revenue remains the highest under our stock coverage: 21% for 2012 estimates. We estimate that nearly 30% of its 2012 earnings come from recurring income. We believe this enables Franshion to participate in upside exposure to the development business and at the same time retain cashflow stability from its commercial and hotel assets.

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