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Wholesale market replaced by 200,000 square meters of vacant space and quiet

June 1, 2015

Beijing zoo area wholesale markets vacate 200,000 square meters within the year –accelerate the move to the periphery


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According to the Legal Evening News (reporter Zhao Chao) the wholesale markets continue to vacate and move out to the periphery, paving the way for future improvements in the district. Municipal party secretary Guo Jinlong said, within the last several months, 350 tenants had all vacated.This Evening News reporter went to investigate the Tianhaocheng wholesale market, and found the billboards on the outside of the building have all been taken down, and on every floor, there is no trace of the former tenants. Even the public transportation signs that were on posts have been torn off.

The billboards, of all different shapes and sizes, had given a disorderly and unsystematic impression. Now it looked like a regular office building. If a person happened to come there, he would not know what was inside the building. A former tenant said, “the billboards are down, and the throngs of people are no longer here.”

A Xicheng district city management official on the enforcement team in charge of signs and displays said that in the result of an investigation while the wholesale market was still operating, they found there were 160 advertising signs. Many were put up without going through the permission process, and were installed illegally. Not only did they have a negative effect on the appearance of the city, but they represented a hidden danger [poor installation, heavy signs might fall]. In the space of one month, all the signs and boards affixed to the building wall were taken down. This has caused all the surrounding environment to be much improved.

Tianhaocheng,before the signs were removed

Tianhaocheng,before the signs were removed

As a relieving of congestion and restructuring of industrial function, not only the outside of the building, but the inside is also being improved and upgraded.

Behind the several large markets in the Beijing zoo area, there is one small road. Because it is next to the markets, it is a “service area” for them. There are small stores and many small restaurants, which the people from the markets patronize, and a goods distribution center. In the past there were always many small vans parked, facing outward into the street, making it crowded and squeezed. In the same neighborhood there is a school, and the effect of this commotion does not have a good effect on the school or nearby residents.

This reporter has found out that in the Wenxing neighborhood, they are carrying out a clearing out and ordering of the environment. The lease agreements of the small stores are coming due, and these one after another will move away. Before long it will go back to being a quiet, residential neighborhood.

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