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Listed up village #1: Juzifang village in Chaoyang

July 27, 2015

konjaku: the list of fifty focal point villages begins with nine villages in Chaoyang.

Number one is Juzifang village. 驹子房村
There are few sources, the most I can put together is a timeline of the demolition.

Also, there are evocative photos taken by a photographer with the sobriquet Dama Huajun大麻花君, dated 2011-04-30

“Juzifang vilage, Changdian village [both in Chaoyang district] begin process of demolition and vacating of residents.”

“It is estimated that the process of demolition will be completed by next year. Construction on replacement housing will begin this year, and at another site next year.”

“Chaoyang focal point villages, the process of demolition begins for three villages” states that Juzifang is “99% demolished.”

“The empty land of demolished Juzifang village” is designated by the town district as one of the places where fireworks may be legally set off during the New Year’s festivities.

This indicates that the Juzifang village site is still empty land.

Dama Huajun’s blog, with more photos:

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