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Bajia memories and the new housing for displaced residents

December 9, 2016


konjaku: here is another photo of Bajia, from

which collects photos by “Zhongguancun” which originally appeared on Panoramio, of Bajia under demolition. This building was a bathhouse. The sign advertises “Separate rooms –Sauna no charge.”

konjaku: The person who posted “Disappearing Bajia and Street Culture” (previous post) also posted a number of Bajia photos. I reproduce some here, with her captions.

Starting in 2009-07, I lived in Bajia for one year, and witness the changes the city space went through. By degrees the village was demolished. With just my camera I recorded the traces of Bajia, I was thinking of making a documentary film, but in the end I did not pursue it.

The landscape of the city one is accustomed to seeing in daily life can vanish at any moment. We can only leave behind these simple records, memories of Bajia.

Shuangqing Road

This building in the process of demolition probably used to be a kindergarden, because of the mural of flowers floating in the sky. Among the wreckage is a toilet.


This was Bajia’s only large supermarket. Although a supermarket,  it was very localized.


This was Shuangqing Road near Lindabei Road. Mostly bicycles and pedicabs. Taxis did not like to come here.


On Shuangqing Road changes were quite sudden. Businesses replaced each other frequently, new buildings went up so quickly they seemed to rise from the ground.


Nights in the summer were pleasantly cool, and eating stalls did a good business. Tables were set out all over the neighborhood.


Here is a building the occupants built themselves, with flowerpots spread on top of the wall, carefully tended.


At the house of Wang ayi (auntie), one day this labrador dog suddenly appeared in her courtyard, and it lived with them. She cultivated many plants, and they had four cats.


A foundation laying ceremony was held for the replacement housing which will be built on the village site. Once the ceremony was over, people dismantled the platform


After the foundation laying ceremony, people look at the map and plan for the replacement housing


In an area in which the demolition has been completed, children play in the empty space


Excavators waiting to be used for demolition


konjaku:Several photo captions above make reference to a residential complex to be built for the villagers within the village site. The wedge shaped parcel of land making up the Bajia area seems to have been divided up into sections: a part to Qinghua University, a part to become a park, a part, North Bajia, left as is, and one part to a residential complex for the displaced residents, called Bajia Jiayuan 八家嘉苑.

the park:


Bajia Jiayuan involved a capital investment of 1.78 billion yuan (259 million dollars). The poured concrete buildings have underground parking lots, central heating, health facilities (exercise rooms and/or outdoor exercise equipment), gardens and green spaces, a security system with cameras, a checkpoint with guards at the entrance, etc. As for the residential area, it is well served by commuter buses, and supermarkets as well as shopping centers, comprising a complete set of everything the residents need for daily life.

Bajia Jiayuan:



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