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Dawangjing follow-up 3: live in a tall building

September 7, 2012

The 2306 residential suites allotted as replacement housing for Dawangjing villagers are mainly complete

Source: Beijing Daily 2010-12-28

“My whole life I have never lived in a tall building, and soon I am going to move in.” The Dawangjing villager Wang Chunlan stood in front of a thicket of tall building, and was unable to restrain his happiness. At present, the main part of the first stage of construction of the replacement housing, Jingwang Jiayuan, has been completed. Before May Day next year, all 1692 households from the village will have moved in. The standard is 50 square meters granted per individual.

Jingwang Jiayuan is 2 kilometers from the Airport Expressway, occupying 78.8 hectares. This first stage of construction consists of 24 buildings of 9 to 11 stories, 2306 residential units, as fully equipped one, two, or three bedroom apartments. It is north-south aligned, every two apartments share one elevator, and has a high ration of usable space [all signs of high quality]. Yesterday, several villagers braved the early morning cold to come out and look at the construction site. “I work nearby, so I stop by whenever I can,” one said. They have watched as this area went from a wasteland to a large group of tall buildings.

Too impatient to wait for someone to open the door, we went carefully one after another into a residential suite. The walls had fresh white paint, the kitchen and the bathroom fixtures of cream colored porcelain. With just a bit more touch-up it would be ready for someone to move in. Wang Chunlan previously lived in a low, one story house and compound, old and shabby. According to the plan, his family of four members can choose two 2 bedroom units and one 1 bedroom unit, altogether 220 square meters of space. Looking out the window, ten or more big diggers were going by transporting workers. We heard that once the buildings are finished, they will refinish the roads, plant lawns, flowerbeds and trees. This will be coordinated with finishing the infrastructure of running water, natural gas, etc. The area that once was the village will be transformed into a beautiful park, Dawangjing Park. A covered walkway and shade trees are already in place. This will be a place where villagers can go for a stroll in their leisure time.

Within two years, in Cuigezhuangxiang,  the five villages Beigao, Dongying, Suojia, Cuigezhuang, and Shangezhuang, comprising 6800 village households, will all one after another move into Jingwang Jiayuan, and part completely from the village life of the past.

Reporters, Hua Kai, Pan Jun

Jingwang Jiayuan 京旺家园

Beigao 北皋

Dongying 东营

Suojia 索家

Cuigezhuang 崔各庄

Shangezhuang 善各庄

The Jingwang Jiayuan project from above

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