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Dawangjing follow-up 4: a residential complex for 22,000 people

September 13, 2012

Jingwang Jiayuan begins procedures to allow people to move in


2011-05-09 Qianlong net


Neat and tidy exterior meets the city district standard

A villager about to move in, experiencing his new home

05-09, Chaoyang district Cuigezhuangxiang: 2228 residences in Jingwang Jiayuan are ready for displaced villagers to move in. 898 residents have transferred from agricultural to city residency, 612 have found jobs appropriate to them, 358 have received job training, and 238 old and infirm persons now draw monthly pensions to live on. In addition, as the villagers transform from “property rights to shareholders,” the village cooperative shareholders corporation have been established, and is in the process of surveying all its enterprise assets, and determining the status of members according to seniority and work record.


Energetically following up on the Dawangjing pilot project, Cuigezhuangxiang is starting the same process in Beigao, Dongying, Cuigezhuang, Shangezhung, and Suojia. The villagers are being moved, their replacement housing is being fixed in advance, a total area of 3,900,000 square meters.


Jingwang Jiayuan is designated as the place for villagers to move to. The whole development is slated to be completed in 2015. The first stage was started in 2009, the second in 2010. In the end, seven parcels of land will contain 7934 residential units, holding 22, 215 people. The phase one B3 and B4 parcels will accommodate 1054 displaced villagers from Dawangjing, 428 from Dongying, 746 from Beigao,  Water, electricity, and natural gas have been  put in through the municipal government. Heating is provided by wall-hanging units. The multi-story buildings are under a shared ordering system, with the perimeters monitored for security,  managed parking lots, ventilation unobstructed,  and an automatic warning system for fires,  as well as a fire prevention command system. For the residents all conveniences for daily life are supplied, including a 24 hour security system. Each residential sub-section has its own perimeter roads, green areas, and parking lots. The placement of gardens and parks increases the sense of comfort and ease, and the residents can well asume themselves in their idle hours.


The Jingwang Jiayun development has earned satisfaction of the villagers in that a command post has been set up, composed of representatives from the Party, from the People’s Congress, and from the displaced villagers. This group deals with issues of security and  quality control related to the building project, following every step in the construction. Cuigezhuangxiang has sought the villagers’ input in every possible way, to make Jingwang Jiayun more comfortable and convenient. Much has been done to make the procedural process of moving in quick and easy. Because the township Party committee and administration takes into consideration that villagers may be temporarily pinched for funds, and what cash they have they may want to use for renovations, they have decided that for the time being they do not need to pay anything when they move in. The building maintenance fee, the surface area adjustment fee, the tax on land ownership, the property rights registration fee, the certificate fee, the stamp tax, and other fees, will be put off  until the villagers’ property rights are legally certified. From all corners, residents of Jingwang Jiayuan will be recruited to form building maintenance repair teams. One team of 160 people has already been formed. They will offer top quality standard building maintenance for the residents.


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