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Liulangzhuang forcible removal notice 2012-01-06

October 3, 2013



The period in which villagers could take their own initiative in regards to the demolishing and relocation of Liulangzhuang came to an end on 2011-12-31. After 2012-01-04, the Liulangzhuang village committee will begin forcible removal of those village [residents] who have not yet signed an agreement, according to the “Liulangzhuang Demolition Plan.”  The persons subject to forcible removal will bear full responsibility for any expenses which arise from the process. These will be deducted from their compensation amounts.

Towards those village [residents] who have not yet signed contracts, the village committee will proceed with forcible demolition, set in determination, firm in measures. If the committee meets with any difficulties or resistance,  it will definitely not stop halfway, it will go forward to the finish, it will not allow a few people to have an influence on the best interests of the many. We will not allow the few to have an influence on the advancement of Beijing’s urban rural unification, and on the economic development of the property of the village collective. During the period of forcible demolition, the compensation policy will not change. The town government will not allow those who had faith in the government and who have already signed agreements to be treated unfairly in any way. Those who have not signed agreements, at this final juncture, need to recognize their situation, ponder their possible gains and losses. Will they take the initiative to relocate now and protect their own interests, or will they do harm to themselves by their own actions?

Haidian town Liulangzhuang Village Committee


konjaku: The village committee says in this Notice it will undertake forcible removal 強制腾退 of resisters. As of January 2011, the State Council enacted a new rule concerning demolition and removal: “No violence or coercion could be employed to force the homeowners to leave. Nor could measures, such as illegally cutting water and power supplies, be used in the relocation work… if the government could not reach agreement about the expropriation or compensation with the homeowners, demolition could only be carried out after the court’s review and approval,  the regulation said.” Source (Xinhua):

There is no mention here of a court review of the process.

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