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Liulangzhuang as part of the “Three Mountains Five Gardens” plan

October 29, 2013

The Haidian “Three mountain five gardens” area gas been transformed –the removal of the village of Liulangzhuang, outside the Summer Palace, has been completed


Source: Beijing Evening News 2013-07-16


In Haidian, substantial progress has been made on the “three mountain five gardens” historical and cultural scenic district. The removal of the village of Liulangzhuang, just outside the Summer Palace wall, has been completed. The village site has some land allotted for development and the rest for the green zone. The removal and transfer of villages in the area outside the west wall of the Central Communist Party School began in the 4th month of this year. At present 70% of the villagers have signed a contract, it is estimated that by the end of this year the transfer of residents will be completed. A Haidian district official said, with hard work the whole “three mountain five gardens” project, involving transforming urban villages and creating a better urban environment, will be completed in three to five years.


The “three mountain five gardens” historical and cultural scenic district is bordered on the east by the number 13 subway line and the Jingi canal, on the west by the Haidian district boundary, on the north by the Western hills range and the fifth ring, and on the south by the west ring, comprising 68.5 square kilometers in all. The area that is a focal point for redevelopment is between the summer palace and the old summer palace,  including the Shijiqingzhen and the Fragrant Hill areas. It consists of five administrative villages and 43 natural villages. Within 488 hectares, there are 40,000 registered residents, and 150,000 members of the floating population. The population density is comparatively great, amenities for tourism and public infrastructure is lacking, land use is unproductive, the urban environment is disorderly, public security problems can erupt at any time. The current state of the area is unfit to be part of the imperial palace garden scenic district.


In and around the parks the project to build a green zone accelerates


Inside the “three mountain five gardens” historical and cultural scenic district there is a large amount of wetlands, parks, and scenic areas. Already completed are Yudong park and Beiwu Park. Still under development is the Liulangzhuang Green Area, Yuquan Park, Danqing Garden, etc. There are a number of open spaces along the Beichang River watercourse being remade. These spaces are not well-known to tourists or city dwellers, but they have excellent soil and water distribution –an ecologically sound landscape of unaltered mountains and waters, along with the deep cultural and historical resonances of the imperial family gardens. Based on extensive study, the Haidian district plan will transform an area of 200 hectares, bringing the area inside and outside the parks into one comprehensive system and structure, with Yuquan mountain as the nucleus.


Reporter Lan Jie; Editor, trainee Gao Xing



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