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Liulangzhuang 2013-11-01: moving day

November 30, 2013

Haidian district, Haidian town, Liulangzhuang New Village is completed. The villagers happily move into their new residences




Liulangzhung New Village

Liulangzhung New Village

A few days ago Liulangzhuang New Village, called “Liulang Jiayuan” formally opened. 4000 households received their keys to new residences.


“When I hear we would get our keys today, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night, before dawn I got up and went to the park and exercised. Then, very early, bringing all my documents, I arrived at the housing allotment office before the guard did.” “Since my youngest son came of age, we’ve just been waiting  for this happy event.” This was the enthusiastic conversation among those waiting at the reception desk for their numbers to be called. The villagers could begin living in their new residence on this same day. From a building management staff member they received a handbook “Guide to life in the residence,” signed the contract, received the certified copy, then passed through transactions at the service center, sanitation department,  building engineering office, etc. Everything was in readiness for them, the villagers received top class service, “all transactions completed in one locality” with each and every preparation completed, they were ready to move in.


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