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Liulangzhuang New Village opening ceremony

December 9, 2013

konjaku: This is from the same blogger who anticipated a bright future in Liulangzhuang New Village, while feeling some regret over the removal of the original village: Now the New Village is complete, and this blogger is excited about the new development.

At Haidian Liulangzhung New Village they are giving out keys to residences!

Blogger “Beijing eldest brother”

2013-10-09 At 7 in the morning, I with my wife and daughter excitedly drove to Liulangzhuang New Village (on the west side of Shangdi Shucun Park). There were already 200 to 300 people assembled on both sides of the wide center road that runs through the complex, their faces filled with joy and smiles. (Click on photos for larger size).

The blogger's wife and daughter

The blogger’s wife and daughter

There were two red inflated archways, inscribed with the eye-catching slogan, “Enthusiastically celebrate the opening of Liulangzhuang New Village” and 6 large red balloons with hanging red streamers, having on them the same slogan. This slogan perfectly captures the mood of the Liulangzhuang villagers, who have waited a long time for this joyous event.

Offices have been set up in a store front location in one of the buildings, and it is currently processing those who are signing contracts. There is a reception room, a room to verify and check one’s documents, a counseling station, a notary station, the room to sign the contract, building maintenance department, security department, green office, sanitation office, internet office. All these were lined up, so people could transact all their business at the same place.

At 9 o’clock on the dot, a fireworks display rose into the sky, followed by the deafening roar of firecrackers. The smell of smoke blended into the happy atmosphere, and the sound of the firecrackers mingled with peoples’ cheers. Whether old acquaintances or not, the villagers nodded and greeted each other, saying, “At long last, the day we longed for has come.”


After 15 minutes of the happy sound of firecrackers, the Liulangzhuang opera troupe performed a lively battle scene, accompanied by the cheerful sound of drumbeats and music. The well-known rhythms, shifting from fast to slow, heavy to light, made peoples’ hearts dance, Then, to the sound of a gong, the acrobats took the stage.

Battle scene from the Opera Troupe

Battle scene from the Opera Troupe

When I was young whenever there was a memorable event, I had no camera, so my only record of those events is my memory. Now I have a camera, and excitedly press the shutter, often moving in for a close-up.I want to preserve these unforgettable memories forever.


When the acrobats were done, that was the close of the ceremony for opening of the New Village. There was no platform, no speeches, no fresh cut flowers, no ribbon-cutting. An alternate type of ceremony, brief and full of movement, for the common people.

On this day, twenty fortunate families were able to sign contracts, presenting all their documents and obtaining a certificate of residence. After this, they received the keys to their new places.

4034 families will live in this new complex, which was been named Liulang Jiayuan (Willow-wave Homeland). There will be a kindergarden, exercise facilities, sanitation office, a Bianmin supermarket, public green space, cultural programs, everything needed for a rich and varied, harmonious life! When we get our keys, the dream of our new life will be fulfilled.


In our new home, there are tall, purplish red buildings with bright, clear windows, and smooth, even roads with flowers planted along the sides.

In our new home, the old laugh heartily, and children play. In an elegant outdoor pavilion old Li reads the newspaper, while old Wang sketches a picture.

In our new home, a cultivated love for our fellow human beings will prevail, in a harmonious neighborhood we will all look out for each other. Whatever small task there is to do, we will all pitch in together, taking care of our new home.

The blogger, Wang Zhongzhen

The blogger, Wang Zhongzhen

I love you, my new home in Liulangzhuang New Village!

Wang Zhongzhen 2013-10-13

六郎庄新村 Liulangzhuang New Village

上地树村公园 Shangdi Shucun Park

柳浪家园 Liulang jiayuan

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