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“Education Real Estate” a new twist to the rule that every child can go to a nearby school

August 14, 2014

konjaku: The intent of the rule, “[to go to primary school] no child has to take an entrance exam, and every child can go to a nearby school,” is to bring about a state of equal opportunity. At the same time, even for well-positioned families, the process of getting their child into the preferred primary school may still be an anxious one. Prominent real estate companies have found a way to use the rule to allay the anxiety of those families. In planning a new, large scale residential development, a primary school is included in the plan. A prestigious primary school agrees to open a branch campus within the new residential complex. Since this fits the definition of a “near-by school,” those who purchase a property in the new development have a guarantee of acceptance in the new school. This is referred to as “education real estate.” The education real estate described in the article below is Jin Mao Palace. The Beijing #2 Experimental Primary School is at the top of every list of Beijing’s best primary schools.


The power of the brand: the core financial resources of a real estate group and an educational flagship: two established brands cooperate together

Franshion Properties is a real estate company, a subsidiary of Sinochem Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. The Beijing #2 Experimental Primary School is a Beijing city priority school. These two coming together symbolizes the model of education and real estate joint development achieving a new threshold.

“Education real estate,” that is, one item of purchasing a residential property includes the right to place one’s children in a designated school linked to that property. An agreement of this kind is clearly beneficial to the school authorities, because through business development the school has an optimal access to resources. The school in turn occupies an important place in the promotion and development of the real estate property. 2011-07, Beijing #2 Experimental Chaoyang Primary School formally settled an agreement with the Jin Mao Palace development. This brings the model of “education real estate” to a new level.

Beijing #2 Experimental Chaoyang Primary School campus is close to completion. In the 6th month it will be turned over to the Education Commission, in the 9th month it will formally open. The plan is to take four classes of first graders. Based on the principle of being able to attend a nearby school, they will mainly accept children of the appropriate age from the Jin Mao Palace residential community. To those who contracted to buy a residence before the end of 2012, the Jin Mao Palace is honoring its commitment [to provide a school for their children at the promised time]. After the first year they will begin adding the other grades, and within three years they plan to have all six grades filled.

A representation of the new campus inside Jin Mao Palace

A representation of the new campus inside Jin Mao Palace

A representation of the school interior

A representation of the school interior

Before signing a contract with the #2 Primary School, Jin Mao Palace looked at the other senior priority schools in Beijing’s top ten. But the motto of Franshion Properties is to deliver to their customers “the very best,” not the “pretty good,” when it comes to educational resources. Based on the strength of the teachers, the school’s distinctiveness, born from accumulated experience over the years, its social resources, and its possession of [computer] hardware, these combined factors made it the first choice.

Beijing #2 Experimental Primary School has the tradition of “education with love,” and take as their main theme, “reciprocal education of teachers and students together.” Among their star teachers, there are more than 20 senior teachers, many have Ph.Ds, or have returned from study abroad with Masters of Arts degrees. The schools has taken a prominent role in the research and development of elementary education in our country on a national, city, and district level. It is a UNESCO member school, a Ministry of Education modern technology demonstration school, a Beijing City Science and Technology Demonstration School, a Beijing city Gold Medal School for promoting Health, etc.

Sediments of a long history: concern for education: [10 years to grow a tree, but] 100 years to cultivate a person

Beijing #2 Experimental Primary School was founded in 1909, and is one of the most influential elementary schools, not only in Beijing, but even across the whole country. The world famous scientist Qian Xuesen (HS Tsien, rocket scientist), Tsinghua University provost Zhang Wei, Chen-ning Franklin Yang [Chinese-born American physicist], Hao Yichun [?], Chi Jishang [leader in the field of petrology in China] Wang Guangmei [politician, philanthropist, and First Lady], Zhang Guangzhi [Kwang-chih Chang, Harvard University archaeologist], etc, were all graduates.

Teaching quality for the Chaoyang school will directly come from the original school

Beijing #2 Experimental Primary School will export to the new school its educational principles, its culture and curriculum. It will dispatch a management team and a number of excellent, core teachers, to guarantee the overall quality of the Chaoyang School.

Unlike in the past, the Chaoyang school will be directly supervised by the main school. A provost of the main school will become principal of the Chaoyang School, mamagement staff and teachers from the main school will be assigned to the new school.

The new campus is first in the nation to receive LEED certification

Along with the excellent education quality, Jin Mao Palace has built a low carbon emitting green campus, based on the national Green Label Standard and the U.S. LEED standard. The plan was created using computers to simulate the processes of light, energy consumption, and sound in the new campus, to find ways to maximize the use of sunlight and natural ventilation, while insulating against noise. Apparently the LEED critical appraisal is very strict, they measure energy use, water efficiency, atmospheric quality. It’s certification has the highest government credibility.

In providing the children with a green campus which helps protect the environment, Franshion is following the corporate culture of Sinochem, to pursue excellence. In being the first to attempt to meet the internationally recognized LEED standard and receiving certification, they have done their utmost to make the Chaoyang school one which meets the highest international standards.

The school area of 13,400 square meters will eventually accommodate 24 classes, 720 students. Jin Mao Palace will stint at nothing to optimize the school capacities, it has an additional 22,000,000 yuan ($3,564,460) to spend on building expansions, as needed in the future.

Wang Ying.

education real estate 教育地产
Franshion Properties 方兴地产
Beijing #2 Experimental Primary School 北京实验二小
priority school 重点小学
Jin Mao Palace 金茂府

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