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Education Real Estate –12 years guaranteed

September 12, 2014

konjaku: Jin Mao Palace (previous post) illustrates one approach to “education real estate:” to build an elementary school within the new residential project and contract out the operation of the school to an already established, highly prestigious primary school. Jin Mao Palace is located in the new Central Business District (CBD) in the Chaoyang district of Beijing. The Shou’er Tiancheng development, described below, is in Yanjiao, described in Wikipedia as “ a town under the administration of Sanhe City in central Hebei province, bordering Tongzhou District, Beijing across the Chaobai River to the west, located 35 kilometres (22 mi) east of Tiananmen Square and 21 km (13 mi) west of Sanhe. Chaoyang is between the 2nd and 3rd ring roads in Beijing city proper, Yanjiao is out beyond the 6th, a town beyond the city borders to which many people are moving for better real estate prices and lower cost of living. With plenty more relatively inexpensive land to develop, Shou-er Tiancheng has gone the next step in ”education real estate,” assuring purchasers of residential properties in their development that they will supply 12 years of elite schooling: a kindergarden, primary, and middle school built together on one large campus on site. Although their school, the Yanda Experimental School, is a public school, they are confident that it satisfies the “nearby school” stipulation, and they can guarantee places for the children of their residents.

For a description of the new Beijing CBD, see

Dawangjing was the name of the village demolished to make way for construction of the CBD. I covered the process of demolition and relocation of the villagers in posts archived in September and October 2012.
The trend for education and real estate to marry together — Shou’er Tiancheng development will have a complete 12 year education system


The recent Beijing city education reform for those entering primary school has gathered a lot of attention, especially the “every child is excused from taking an exam and can enter a nearby school,” and “children from families without Beijing household registry must present 5 forms of proof.” Besides the fevered debates among the general population, one section of society which already has developed a close connection with education –namely, real estate –has intensely focussed on these new developments.

A simulation of the Shou’er Tiancheng education complex: pre-school elementary and middle school all together


In recent years, there have been a number of real estate projects which function as examples of the development of large-scale “education real estate.” Wangjing Jin Mao Palace, Zhongtan Zichenyuan, Jingmao Guojicheng, and Shou’er Tiancheng. These satisfy a business demand, and promote a product which is receiving a lot of interest and attention.

A business insider believes that these education real estate products will not necessarily always be highly profitable, but when the market is depressed a certain amount will still sell, and when the market is booming, they will go for high prices. For 25-38 year old middle class consumers, demand for education real estate is high, and when educational resources are brought together in one complete package, this product is highly attractive.

A simulation of the Shou’er Tiancheng school campus


Among the ecology-based large scale real estate developments in Yanjiao, Shou’er Tiancheng has done well, even in the current bear market situation, because of the quality of its real estate and educational offerings. More than10,000 contracts have been signed, and there is an unceasing stream of interested inquiries.

This reporter discovered that purchasers were particularly impressed that Shou’er Tiancheng offers a complete education plan of 12 years, up the education ladder from kindergarden through junior middle school. They are building a 53,000 square meter campus including an international bilingual kindergarden, an elementary school and middle school, which will be completed for use by the 9th month (September).


As the Beijing Youth News reported in 06-13, the currently existing Yanjiao Primary School is over-enrolled, and faces a critical shortage of teachers. Against this background, it is easy to see why Shou’er Tiancheng, offering a guarantee of top quality education, will continue to sell well. Indeed, in the whole of the Yanjiao area, it can be said to be the top choice.

A simulation of the kindergarden:




“When you enter school, we will give you a present. This will happen when you come and tour the classroom.” This is not a fly-by-night promise, but a sincere commitment. From 08-06, Shou’er Tiancheng began holding a school event, namely that “those who purchased residences and a school position, when they come to the school will receive a grand present.” Already the response has been enthusiastic. Many students and their families have come to inspect the new campus. These days when it is difficult to get into a school, Shou’er Tiancheng not only provides top quality educational resources, but expresses concern for the families by giving them a present, no expenses spared, causing the children and their families to be both touched and filled with pride. Those who purchased residences at Shou’er Tiancheng can feel gratified for the good choice they have made, and see that the educational services in the plan are being assiduously carried out.


Due to all the positive feedback, Shou’er Tiancheng is extending this offer until 08-25, so come and get your wonderful present! At the same time, you can try out the school bus and investigate the classrooms.

Procedure: While visiting the campus, take a picture of your child at the school and post it to the Shou’er Tiancheng WeChat (voice and text messaging service) site.
On the basis of the posted photo and one’s permanent residence booklet, meet with a Shou’er Tiancheng consultant who will take you into the planning office to receive your present.

Conditions: your child must be beween 6 and 9 years of age. Offer limited to 15 families a day.

The construction of the Shou’er Tiancheng school complex, the Yanda Experimental School, has been completed. There will be an international bilingual school, an international bilingual kindergarden with 12 classrooms, a public elementary school with 48 classrooms, a public middle school with 39 classrooms, adding up to 99 classrooms altogether of education excellence. The school area is 6600 square meters, 3700 square meters of building space, with a basketball court, a soccer field, a specialized track, and other physical education facilities. The classrooms are fully outfitted, the teachers are top-flight. This will be one of the top schools of the capital east area.

The Yanda Experimental School has been submitted for approval to the Ministry of Education, and is set to open in the 9th month. The entire Shou’er Tiancheng development project is 1,300,000 square meters, building space is 3,000,000 square meters, greenery percentage in terms of total area is 45%. It contains a high-rise residential complex, the MOBO International Center, built to international standards of reduced density, western style buildings within a garden community, with a completely outfitted shopping mall for the residents.

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