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Education Real Estate: Yanda Experimental School ready to open

September 17, 2014

konjaku: Building a multi-school, multi-facility campus with 99 classrooms in all is a considerable investment for the real estate developer of Shou’er Tiancheng (in English, “Seoul Sweet City.”) The project of high-rise residential complexes is being built in stages, and in 2014-02 Xinhua carried a story that some purchasers have begun complaining that changes are being made to the original plan. Residents found that areas that were designated green spaces in the plan  had become construction sites for new buildings instead. Those for whom the school was an important factor in their purchase might be excused for wondering if the school campus would live up to expectations. At least from the evidence of this blog, the kindergarden and part of the primary school complex are finished.


What Yanda Experimental School looks like can now be seen: A 12 year multi-dimensional education system for our darling children. High standards for both hardware and software, low density environmental setting, unmatched area, a cafeteria that meets all the best criteria, eight basketball courts, a 300 meter soccer field, exclusive educational resources and an exciting campus for our children, giving us back the best value for what we paid [for a residence in Shou’er Tiancheng] The buildings are already completed, they are finishing up the interiors and sports fields. With a little less than two months before school starts, parents can happily take their child by the hand and tour the grounds.


konjaku: in the simulation of the complete campus, there are two buildings decorated with colorful squares, to the upper right. I assume these are a kindergarden and (possibly) primary school. Parallel to the soccer field is a long, lighter colored building with four wings to its west, and one shorter wing emerging at its center to the east. I assume this is a primary and middle school complex. According to these photos, the two buildings with squares are done, and it seems the lighter colored long building is partially done, but the four wings have not been started yet. F8946A6FD3F082613BF2002CE973486B

the kindergarden buildings

the kindergarden buildings

the middle school building, still in process of construction

the middle school building, still in process of construction

workers laying synthetic resin on the playground

workers laying synthetic resin on the playground

konjaku: in the last photo, one can see the residential towers of Shou’er Tiancheng, some still under construction, in the background. These photos are dated 2014-07-15, from this blog

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