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Nothing less than a micro-city will do

December 2, 2014

konjaku:Shou’er Tiancheng was the leading real estate project in Yanjiao, opening in 2012 (see previous posts). In 2014, vying to take over first place as the international city of the future, is Huifu Yuerongwan (Banyan Tree Harbor). In September there was a perception that the real estate market in Yanjiao had cooled, but shortly afterwards Yanjiao rebounded into a “warm fall” (Indian summer) of resumed demand.

At one Yanjiao real estate project, people lining up all night is just a ploy


During the first half of this year, this reporter interviewed Yanjiao real estate representatives at Shou’er Tiancheng, Tianyangcheng 4th Generation, and Chaobai jiayuan. They and others said they were offering a discount of 2 to 3000 yuan per square meter, and that prices overall were falling by 10,000 yuan.

Two months after that, this reporter found that, as we enter into the “gold 9th month silver 10 month” of autumn [when people are apparently willing to spend more and consumption rises], in Yanjiao, the price drop was continuing, and real estate developers were still offering discounts as an incentive.

On 9-21, one development company announced it would pass out tickets to line up for a new sales offering. On the net, it spread the news that customers were already starting to line up that same night, 40 hours in advance. Real estate insiders were astonished, some had doubts about this, because the general trend was that Yanjiao was cooling off. They did not believe a sales offering in Yanjiao at this point in time would draw so many so early, and they wondered if this was a man made phenomenon.

This reporter went to the scene at 9 in the morning the next day, and estimated there were about 300 people lined up. Among these, some 30% were employees of the real estate developer, sales reps and staff members. After hearing from some real estate reps, this reporter determined that it was likely this line was concocted, because of a competition with another real estate project, the Huifu Yuerongwan. Huifu Yuerongwan was also in the process of a sales offering generating lots of interest, and this development project had to demonstrate that it too could draw a long line. In fact, the development company had handed out numbers to a section of customers beforehand, so there was less need to line up at all.

Huifu Yuerongwan

On 9-21, at 7 in the morning, this reporter was at the sales center for Huifu Yuerongwan, and found several hundred people waiting. Many of these potential purchasers had been in line through the night before, and a few had been there up to 48 hours before. This reporter found that many of them work in Guomao or Sihui. Since Yanjiao is only across the river from Beijing, to them Huifu Yuerongwan is a good value, and lining up that long beforehand is well worth doing.

At 9 AM they formally opened the gates to start letting people in. The sales organization followed the procedure of letting in small batches of people at a time, preserving order. They did not allow the scene of fiery and enthusiastic anticipation to become one in which people were crushed against each other

By the end of the day, 1400 customers had signed up.

Huifu Yuerongwan deputy manager Liu Zhengang said Huifu Yuerongwan aspired to be at the center of the effort to forge Yanjiao into an internationalized city supporting a highly advanced lifestyle. They were not going to depend only on their superior location close to Beijing. Liu believed that the line of people waiting was not only because of the location of Huifu Yuerongwan, but also the quality of the product they were offering.

Huifu Yuerongwan:





konjaku: As we have seen, Shou’er Tiancheng is building a 12 year multi-school campus for its residents, a shopping center, a hospital, etc. Huifu Yuerongwan is following the same model. They seem the product of an ambition to build more than a residential complex, nothing less than an entire “city” with a complete set of social functions, will do. How will these individual cities, or micro-cities as they are referred to below, knit into the larger urban fabric?

Forming a complete set of high grade facilities: Yanjiao firmly establishes its “micro city” concept


Since the Central Bank “930” policy relaxing restrictions on home loans came out, the Beijing real estate market has been experiencing an Indian summer, reviving the area around Beijing, Taking Yanjiao as an example, prices have stopped tumbling and are starting to rise again, and many developments are speeding up the pace of their sales offerings.

This reporter found out that at present the leading seller in Yanjiao is Huifu Yuerongwan. The best of the best, representing the ideal of new city development, Shou’er Tiancheng, Aishangdao [Lovely Island], are priced between 8500 to 11000 yuan per square meter. It is worth nothing that within the framework of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei unification, the plan calls for not only residential projects, but also to build schools, restaurant and entertainment districts, large scale commerce, high end office buildings — a complete set of facilities, not only to offer new residents a convenient lifestyle, but to bring all the functions of a complete city to the area around the residential projects, in order to enhance their value.

Huifu Yuerongwan at 1,800,000 square meters is a super-large development. Huifu Development Corporation deputy-president Liu Zhengang said that Huifu Yuerongwan was going to be an international “micro-city” with not only residences, but also grade 5A office buildings, and businesses. They have already concluded a contract with Carrefour Department stores and Marriot. “These will not only complete Huifu Yuerongwan by making it a complete set of essential facilities, but it will add important components to Yanjiao city, transforming and upgrading the whole area, ” said Liu Zhengang.

The area on the periphery of Beijing has up to now been limited in being able to fill all the demands of the society at large, because of the principal of the short barrel stave. [von Liebig’s law of the minimum –growth is not governed by the total resources, but by the scarcest resource]. Real estate companies have been aware of this problem. Liu Zhengang said, “Besides residences, we must provide opportunities for work, commerce, social interaction, education, and other social functions. This is the need the micro-city concept addresses. In the future, some companies will have offices and do business in the Huifu Yuerongwan office building. The office staff when they leave work can go to their homes in Huifu Yuerongwan, close by there will be a shopping center, a fitness center, and schools, fulfilling their every need. Since their work and residence is at the same place, their lives will be integrated and be less stressful. This will relieve some of the pressure from excessive congestion in Beijing”[population dispersed to urban centers on the periphery, without having to commute].

According to Liu Zhengang, along with Tongzhou, there are plans to create urban centers to the east of Beijing. Yanjiao is in the forefront of this movement. After many years of adjustment and sedimentation, Yanjiao has reached a certain maturity and rational form. As more people settle there, it will continue to develop in a sound and positive direction.

Reporter: Chen Jingsi

微城市 micro-city

汇福悦榕湾 Huifu Yuerongwan

爱上岛 Aishangdao

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