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An even more glorious image of the 4th generation urban complex

December 5, 2014

komjaku: “Tianyangcheng 4th generation” is another large-scale real estate project in Yanjiao, which is to say, another “micro-city” providing “every aspect of modern life.” It’s location was planned to take advantage of development going on in southern Yanjiao.

“At present the southern new city is being energetically developed. Now it is “plan first build afterward.” The government is investing 10 billion yuan. Huge funds will be invested to build the Wumei Wuliu park, an Aviation Museum, and an amusement park larger in scale then the Happy Valley Beijing.”

Excerpt (2014-04-04):

This reporter went together with a salesman to the Tianyangcheng 4th generation construction site. While the northern part of Yanjiao city is quite built up with many facilities, this southern part looks like a piece of wasteland. But according to the salesman, in the future this area will have a complete set of shopping opportunities, and a museum along with an amusement park. Therefore Tianyangcheng 4th generation will have an opening price of 12,000 yuan per square meter. The salesman added that this was the third sales period. In the first sales period, the price was only 3000 yuan, and in the second sales period it was 6000, showing that the price has steadily risen. The nearby Hawaiian Blue Harbor had a starting price of 1000 yuan, and the salesman believes that “the main reason was that their residential district had less facilities. We have more demand, because we can offer more facilities.”

konjaku: The following is from the website of the Sky Ocean (Tianyang) real estate group describing Tianyangcheng 4th generation, or, as they put it in English. “Sky Ocean City 4th Generation.” I have made minor changes to the text. A mu is defined as one sixth of an acre.

In the groundbreaking ceremony, Zhou Jin who was chairman of Sky Ocean Real Estate Group also delivered a speech. She said that “Sky Ocean City 4th Generation” was an upgraded version of “Sky Ocean City” after lots of years of development in the real estate sector and one of the most advanced large-scale urban complexes in the world. As a leading city operator of China, Sky Ocean Real Estate Group undertook the duty to promote urban development. The development of Yanjiao “Sky Ocean City 4th Generation” was an in-depth definition of such a social responsibility because it offered full-range business functions to the city and improved the lifestyle options of the local residents with its 1,000 mu amusement park. This project is expected to upgrade the tertiary industry of the city and promote the sustainable development of the city through its service, tourism, cultural and other clean industries.
According to planning, Yanjiao “Sky Ocean City 4th Generation” will cover an area of around3,000 mu[500 acres] and a construction area of 5,000,000 sqm. It is a large-scale urban development service zone that integrates recreational, entertainment,commercial shopping, tourism, vacation, high-end residential, commercial,office, technology interaction, cultural creativity and recuperative facilities. It is expected to promote the development of the local tourism,commercial, creative and other industries and the local urban infrastructures.It will become a central living district and a destination of leisure for Beijing residents.
Finally, the governmental officials and the leaders of Sky Ocean laid the foundation for Yanjiao “Sky Ocean City 4th Generation” together amidst the roaring gunfire salutes, dancing lions and frolic music, witnessing this historic moment in the development of the city.
Today, the Qian’an “Sky Ocean City 4th Generation” of Sky Ocean Real Estate is under construction. This project of Yanjiao “Sky Ocean City 4th Generation” will establish an even more glorious image of the 4th-generation urban complex and become a constituent of the urban development blueprint of southern Beijing, achieving the goal of becoming a new type of city with a new form of suitable living.

燕郊天洋城4代, Tianyangcheng 4th generation, Sky Ocean City 4th Generation

konjaku: I found it striking that Sky Ocean describes itself as “a city operator.” 城市运营商(chengshi yunying shang), literally, in the business of operating cities. In a subsequent post I intend to pursue the meanings and implications of this phrase. Now, I want to look at the images of Tianyangcheng 4th generation as it will appear in the future, a detailed vision of an ideal evolution for the Beijing periphery, emerging out of the “wasteland.” (Click on photos for expanded size)

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